Selected Repertoire:
With Orchestra

Bach Brandenburg Concerto # 6 (viola 1 & 2) Bartok Concerto (Both Versions) Berlioz Harold in Italy Bloch Suite Britten Lachrymae (with strings) Casadesus concerto Dion Debacle Hummel Fantasie Hindemith Der Schawendreher Ichmouratov Fantasia on Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk District Mozart Sinfonia Concertante Mozart (arr clarinet concerto) Paganini Sonata per Grande Viola Penderecki concerto Schnittke concerto Shulman Theme and Variations Stamitz concerto Telemann concerto Walton concerto   In Recital
Aperghis Volte-Face J.S. Bach Suites for Solo Viola 1 - 6 (originally solo cello)   Sonata # 1 in C minor (originally solo violin in G minor)   Partita # 2 in G Maj (originally solo violin in D Major)   Partita # 3 in A Maj (originally solo violin in E Major) Beethoven Nocturne in D major Op. 42 Berio Naturale Biber     
R. Bolton
Very Near the Edge of the Flat Earth
Brady Struck Twice by Lightning (for viola and tape) Brahms Sonata for Viola and piano in f minor op. 120 no. 1   Sonata for Viola and piano in Eb major op. 120 no. 2 Britten Lachrymae (with piano) Bloch Suite Carter Elegy Debussy Sonata for Flute, Viola and Harp Enescu Concertpiece N. Gilbert Variations Suspendues Grisey Prologue Hindemith Op. 11 # 4   Op. 25 # 1   Meditation   Trauermusik Ichmouratov
Fantasia on Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk District
Sonata for Solo Viola

Jelek Op. 5
Ligeti Sonata for Solo Viola McAndrew Variations in search of a theme Paganini Sonata per Grande Viola Part Spiegel Im Spiegel   Fratres (arr. viola) Ristic Le Fameux "Los Presidentes" Blueprint Schumann Marchenbilder for viola and piano op. 113 Shostakovich Sonata for viola and piano op.147 Shubert Sonata "Arpeggione" Stravinsky Elegy Xenakis