Current up-to-date list of all commercial recordings (with links where available):


Pemi Paull 


Musicum Umbrarum (2018)


Ensemble Caprice 


Vivaldi and the Gypsies 2007

Vivaldi’s Angels (2008)

Telemann and the Gypsies (2009)

Salsa Baroque (2010)

Return of the Angels (2011)

Brandenburg Concertos/Shostakovich Preludes (2012)

Adagio (2013)

Jaap Nico Hamburger Chamber Symphony # 1 (2020)

Handel Messiah (2021)

Theatre of Early Music


Ave Maria (2012)




Grétry: L’Amant Jaloux (for mixed chamber ensemble) (2020) 




Haydn - La Passione (2009)


Aradia Ensemble 


Vivaldi Sacred Music volume 4 (2015)

Purcell Theatre Music volume 2 (2016) 


Ensemble Telemann


Dido and Aenas (2008) 


Michael Taylor/Dansant Baroque Ensemble


To Die, To Sleep (2014)


Les Agréments de Montreal


Bach Requiem (2008)


Montreal Symphony Orchestra


Theodorakis: Zorbas Ballet, etc. (2004)


Orchestre de la Francophonie


Beethoven Symphonies (2010)

Bruckner Symphony # 7 (2008)


Orchestre Symphonique de Quebec


French Showpieces w/James Ehnes ( 2001) 


Music in the Barns


Scott Godin Viola Quintet (2019)




24 Frames - Scatter (2011)

Brady: Symphony No. 3, "Atacama" — Tim Brady, Peter Schubert, VivaVoce & Bradyworks

Music for Large Ensembles (2018)


Scott Godin/Bradyworks


Guan (2007)


Musicworks  #113


Very near the edge of the flat earth (Pemi Paull, Pepi Pillibossian) / Bel Canto (KORE)


Plumes Ensemble


Future Loves — Plumes Ensemble 2014)

Folk Songs and Future Loves (2014)




Plumes (2012) 

Oh Orwell (2019)


Ioan Harea


Sentimental Strings (2002)

Versatility (2003)

Versatility — Ioan Harea




Sleepover (2011)

The Season (2013)

Tales from Odessa (2017)

Yves Lambert dans ses Bottines avec Socalled (2015)

Peoplewatching (2015)



Suicide Kingdom (2021)


Barr Brothers


Sleeping Operator (2014)

Queens of the Breakers (2017)


Sarah Toussaint-Leveiller


La mort est un jardin sauvage (2016)


Hey Rosetta


Second Sight (2014)


Ben Caplan


Birds with Broken Wings (2015)


Misstress Barbara


Many Shades of Grey (2012)


Paper Beat Scissors 


All we know (2017)

Live at la Sala Rossa (2018)

Parallel Lines (2019)

La Mitad (2021)

Leif Vollebekk 


New Ways (2019)


Olivier Alary’s Ensemble


Excerpts (2011)


Jordan Faye


Sorry I Slept In (2011)


Charles Tamba 


Changer ce Monde (2017)




Djoumbush Featuring Warhol Dervish (2009)


Jon Davis


Golden Hue (2009)


Lawrence Becko


Synthesis (2019)




Sans Titre (2008)


Marc Berube


What the Boat Gave the River (2007)


Rae Marie Taylor


Black Grace — Rae Marie Taylor (2004)


Liza Rae Butler


Go to Sleep My Baby (2015) 


Damon Hankoff


Out of Sight of Land (2015)


Tamara Sandor


Leaving Kind (2017)


Francis Lehoux


The F Line (2019)


Ensemble Portmantô


Richard Glover: Logical Harmonies (2013) 

Beatings in a Linear Process


Alan Belkin (copyright


String Quartet #3

Performers: Tristan Lemieux, 1st violon; John Corban, 2nd violin; Pemi Paul, viola; Gwendolyn Smith, cello.


String Quartet #4 (2014)

First Movement

Second Movement

Third Movement

Fourth Movement

Performers: Tristan Lemieux, 1st violon; John Corban, 2nd violin; Pemi Paull, viola; Gwendolyn Smith, cello.


Catherine Dagenais 


Compter ce qui manque (2019) 


Ensemble KORE


Cassandra Miller: Bel Canto (2010)

1996 - 2010