"Il faut signaler, parmi les moments forts du festival, son magnifique Prologue pour alto et résonateurs électroniques...rendus avec sensibilité et intensité par l'altiste Pemi Paull" 


- Isabelle PicardLa Scena Musicale

"Tim Brady’s 24 Frames series (this double CD and its companion 24 Frames—Trance, from 2010) is about precision and virtuosity...The highlight of the duets is a lovely piece with violist Pemi Paull. The warmth of his playing adds a particularly good counterpoint to Brady and encourages a beautiful interlude between some of the more ostentatious work."

Chris Kennedy in Musicworks #113 (Canada), July 1, 2012  



"For me - and, I am sure, for others in the audience - the Violin Partita No.2, BWV1004, with its astonishing final chaconne, was the undisputed highlight of the evening. The latter, of course, is accustomed to transcription - Brahms, Busoni and Segovia, to name but three, all arranged it for their instruments. But the viola is particularly suitable (provided one does not mind its being played a fifth below written pitch) and one could argue that its weightier sound brings an even greater than usual profundity to the music - especially when it is this well played."


"To all of these challenges, and more, Paull rose with aplomb, playing stylishly and with great accuracy. He produced a wonderfully, richly eloquent zigeuner tone in the opening Hora lunga and some unearthly harmonics at its close. In fact each movement was clearly characterised and beautifully played."


- Deryk Barker, Music in Victoria


"It is my strong believe that violist Pemi Paull is an exceptional musical talent...I am very impressed by Paull's capacities, both intellectually as well as musically. He has shown a rare understanding of our profession. The versatility is amazing: from baroque to Ligeti, from solo performances to chamber music..."

Henk Guittart, Violist of the Schoenberg Quartet and Co-Artistic Director of the Banff Centre


"Pemi Paull, avec son magnifique instrument, a su communiquer l'intrinsèque beauté de l'invention mélodique...Voila une maniere differente d'user de la 'monodie' d'autant plus convainquante que l'interprete, totalement engage, en fait resortir tout l'art inspire et inspirant".


- Francois Tousignant, Le Devoir

"Pemi is a very fine instrumentalist who showed in his excellent performances of the music of Ligeti, Shostakovich and contemporary Canadian composer Nicolas Gilbert that he not only possesses a well-honed and extremely fluent technique on the viola, but also a healthily inquisitive musical mind and a refreshingly versatile approach to different musical genres."

Brett Dean Violist and composer. Artistic Director, Australian National Academy of Music, Melbourne, Australia

When Pemi Paull speaks about his playing style, he talks about motion and growth. He says that each aspect of the sound, however subtle, must move and grow, must be alive. As a listener I’ve been taken by his playing, specifically this constant motion. Each phrase, each note, in fact each part of each note, breathes a full life. Pemi brings many aspects of early music practice into his modern technique, and I believe it is this motion/growth/breath that defines the link – this kind of playing is seen in the best early music practitioners, but is very rare in the contemporary music world.

- Cassandra Miller, composer, winner of 2011 Canada Council Jules Leger prize for new chamber music